John Wayne's "War Wagon"

 The only one of it's kind in the world! 

1966 International Travelall, custome built for "John Wayne" and used on his ranch in Arizona.
Built my a gentleman named, Ray Gaskin, the Duke requested several modifications.

Many people believed this was used in the movie "Hatari", but the movie was filmed four years earlier. He got the idea for the vehicle from the movie, however. John Wayne modified other vehicles, he had a station wagon that he cut the top off of and raised, as is the case with the Travelall.

This beast has the biggest engine International made, a four speed, manual transmission, PTO winch on a custom bumper, air conditioning and a roof rack for supplies and gear. It has an electric rear window and a roll bar fitted inside. The hatch on the top opend for a way to hunt game on the run, wide enough for two to cover different directions.


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