1967 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I. 4.9 L six cylinder motor, but it will cruse at 100 MPH. The chassis is simple steel box section, welded together and very rigid and employing light weight aluminium based alloy for the doors, bonnet/hood and boot/trunk lid. Fold down tables for rear passengers. Electric windows, automatic and at one time A/C.

1955 Austin FX3, London Cab. Three doors, the space on the left side was for steamer trunks and luggage. No trunk, per se, just enough room for a spare tyre. The windows are spring loaded, no crank. Plenty of room in the back with fold down jump seats facing the rear. Mechanical, wind up, fare meter and a hydraulic jacking system to lift the entire vehicle off the ground for tyre change or maintenance.


1961 Bristol, double decker bus. Yea, it needs some work, but not too many left. Extremely light, alot of aluminum and plywood. Original motor turned counter clockwise, so it's a bit of a challenge to start from scratch. We are thinking of converting it to an "E" vehcile and powering it with an electrical motor. Got plenty of room for battery storage!

This is the 67' from up top. Right hand drive, automatic and red leather. It is on it's way back to the mother country. The gentleman on the left is British. He flew to the states and made me a deal. He found a friend to drive him and the car to Houston to load on a ship back to England.

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