1916 Dodge Brothers Roadster

In 1955 John L. Ferrell, assistant tax and right of way agent of El Paso County,  acquired this 1916 Dodge Brothers Roadster from Hondo, New Mexico.  It was in poor shape, as it had been wrecked years ago on a New Mexico road, killing its owner. Ferrell took the next three years restoring the vehicle. He completely dismantled the automobile, reassembled it, gave the motor a complete overhaul, and added parts including a transmission that reportedly came from a truck General John L. Pershing used in Mexico.   

Ferrell sold it in 1966 for $1,800, but purchased it back by an estate agreement on demise of the owner for $8,000.00 in 1987. Extensive repairs and some additional restoration was needed. By 1995, though, it  was needing body and paint work, again.


It is now a part of Pickett Garage!

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